Adopt A Classroom USVI


Adopt A Classroom USVI

Our initiative pairing Adopter classrooms and group organizations in order to send classroom supplies to rebuild and restore schools affected by the hurricanes.

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How do I sign up to adopt?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What am I committing to send?

You will be sent a wishlist from the classroom that you are paired with.   Speaking very generally, the average “adopter” spends $750-1000 per classroom.  We realize that this is a very large commitment.  If you would rather donate individual items or make a monetary donation to go toward shipping of large items or to be put toward high ticket items, please go to:




Q: What is the cheapest method of sending supplies?

Right now the cheapest method is using the flat rate boxes with USPS.  Please check with FedEx to see prices from your area.


Q. Will I receive pictures once the supplies arrive?

We recommend you personally reach out to the teacher contact at your adoptee’s school via email or correspondence.


Q. Can I donate money instead of supplies?

Donations can be made at:

Q: Will I be guaranteed a pen pal service?

Yes, we have communicated this to our adoptees. Please make sure to send an prepaid envelope and postage to facilitate this effort. Please discuss logistics with your adopted teacher.

Q. How long does a package take to arrive to the USVI?

It typically takes about a week from the day it is shipped.