Top Successful Indian Entrepreneurs

If you’re facing challenges in your field and want something to motivate you, here we are with some of the best names of Indian entrepreneurs and their success stories. These businessmen and entrepreneurs also faced various challenges in their paths but they managed to tackle situations and their dedication and will power made them successful. The success stories of these people will make you think big and encourage to moving forward even if you have zero chance of being successful.

Dr. Arokiaswamy is very successful and down to earth entrepreneur. He lives in a small quarter and owns no car. He is so hardworking that he ends up sleeping in the labs most of the time. Dr. Arokiaswamy was born in a poor family but now he is the owner of the world’s largest thyroid testing company, all because of his determination. Mahesh Gupta is another big name who started his career as a mechanical engineer and started his work with the only RS. 20,000. Now he’s the chairman of Kent RO Systems and is very successful in his field.

Entrepreneur Anand Mishra is a very successful entrepreneur of India and is the owner of Star Infranet. The company Star Infranetspecializes in various services such as web design and development, Cloud, digital marketing, e-commerce, and domain registration. Anand Mishra is always looking for challenges and is always open to innovative ideas. N.R. Narayan Murthy is an Indian industrialist who is the co-founder of Infosys. Infosys specializes in business consultancy, engineering, and technology. Infosys is also a BPO service provider and its net worth is around $32 billion and around 142,000 employees are working there.

These people became successful only because of their dedication and hard work because nothing can be achieved without these things. Some of them are very rich and others decide to lead a simple life and do more charity work.

Indian Businessmen Success Stories

The success stories of these Indian businessmen will inspire you, and if you’re going through a startup journey, you’ll feel encouraged and motivated.

Below are listed some of the greatest Indian businessmen of the history:

Dhirubhai Ambani:

Dhirubhai Ambani was one of the greatest businessmen of India. The surname ‘Ambani’ is recognized all over the world as the richest family of India. After finishing school, Dhirubhai Ambani wanted to continue his studies but he couldn’t afford to do so and so he went to Yemen to improve his financial conditions. He worked there as a clerk in a trading firm and learned a lot about the trade industry. When he returned to India, he founded a company named as Reliance Industries in 1966. In 2012, Reliance industries employed more than 85,000 people and the Ambani family became one of the wealthiest families of India.

Karsanbhai Patel:

Karsanbhai Patel started a company in his backyard, named as NIRMA, which is now one of the largest detergent companies in the country. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and designed a home-made detergent which he used to sell from door to door. At that time, the detergents used to sell at rs. 13/kg while he used to sell it at rs. 3/kg. During the early 2000s, NIRMA proved to be a big competitor of Unilever, as it surpassed the company in terms of sales. Once there was a time when some of the distributors refused to pay him money for the goods that were sold, and Patel followed his gut instinct and released an amazing ad that attracted all the people to buy the products.

Kartikeya Sharma:

The Promoterof NewsX, Kartikeya Sharma is another great and young businessman ofthe history. He is the founder and promoter of the iTV network. At first, he faced some difficulties but he didn’t stop and lead his company to heights of success in a short time. iTV network’s India News channel was a big hit among Hindi viewers, and then NewsX was a thoughtful expansion too for the English news viewers. Sharma is also included on our list of successful Indian businessmen because of his talents and abilities.

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